Elendil Software

Amateur astronomer and professional software engineer, I present here various software solutions related to astronomy I have developed. Most are freely available.


IPX800 Switch
ASCOM driver allowing to control the relays of an IPX800
IPX800 Cover Calibrator
Driver allowing to control a flat panel connected to an IPX800
IPX800 Roll Off Roof
ASCOM driver allowing to open a roll off roof with an IPX800
IPX800 Roll Off Shed
ASCOM driver allowing to open a roll off shed with an IPX800 v2, v3 or v4
IPX800 Clamshell
ASCOM driver allowing to open a roll off roof with an IPX800 v2, v3 or v4
IPX800 Safety Monitor
ASCOM driver allowing to use an IPX800 input as a safety information
ASCOM Yocto-Meteo
Driver ASCOM Observing Conditions for Yoctopuce Yocto-Meteo sensor
Switch is a small application that allows to control switches through an ASCOM driver.
Lost In Space
Software allowing to resynchronise a mount whose the coordinates have been lost
Deep Sky Chile - ASCOM Safety Monitor
Driver ASCOM Safety Monitor
Visits manager
Visits manager developed for the Observatory of Mont-Soleil (Switzerland)

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Libraries (for the developers)

Some libraries that I have developed or to which I have contributed

IPX800 C#
Library developed in C# that allows to send commands to an IPX800 v2 or an IPX800 v3 relay board.
Astrometry.net Client
Bibliothèque développée en C# permettant l'utilisation du service de résolution d'astrometry.net
Astronomical Algorithms for C# (AASharp)
Astronomical Algorithms library developed in C#



Elendil Software.
Software useful for astronomy, developed by an amateur astronomer for amateur astronomers.

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